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   CENTCOM Formulary **Maintained by CENTCOM P&T COMMITTEE** updated as of 9 April 2015
   ***MOD 12 Items***
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Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation discussed how P-MART can assist in evaluating the medical fitness of deploying units.

CENTCOM Formulary

To download a copy of the CENTCOM formulary please click here. **Maintained by CENTCOM P&T COMMITTEE** updated as of 9 April 2015

**CENTCOM CNS medication restrictions list can be found on the third tab of the CENTCOM formulary spreadsheet**

MOD 12 items

Click here to download a copy of the MOD 12.

Pharmacy areas of interest:
15.C.3 Medical Waivers
15.L.2 Malaria Chemoprophylactic Utilization

Click here to download a copy of the PPG TAB A.

Pharmacy areas of interest:
B. Specific Medical Conditions
H. Psychiatric Conditions
I. Medications

Deployment Prescription Program (DPP)

For DPP information click the following link here.

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