Polypharmacy Medication Analysis & Report Tool (Poly-MART)

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The DHA Pharmacy Operations Division and DHA Pharmacy Analytics Support Section (PASS) developed this program to aid healthcare providers and pharmacy personnel in meeting the requirements of OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 13-032. The objective is to identify active duty personnel who meet the Polypharmacy criteria. The Poly-MART method populates data for service members enrolled to a facility for direct care. This Poly-MART functions without the need for a service member roster.

The Pharmacy Data Transaction Service (PDTS) is the data source of this program. PDTS contains prescription data from all MTF's, the Mail Order Pharmacy and over 60,000 retail network pharmacies.

Click here to download the Polypharmacy Medication Analysis & Report Tool (Poly-MART) Users Guide PowerPoint Presentation.

Click here to download the Polypharmacy Medication Analysis & Report Tool (Poly-MART) Installation Document.

Click here to download a copy of OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 13-032.

Click here to download a blank copy of the Alpha Roster Template.

Services Offered

  1. Provide comprehensive prescription data, of service members who meet the Polypharmacy criteria, from all points of Service (MTFs, Mail Order, and Retail Network).
  2. Provide analysis of data to identify high-risk individuals.
  3. Provide data to include Warrior in Transition Units.

How to Obtain a Poly-MART

  1. The Database is automatically generated by PDTS monthly and posted to the Polypharmacy folder located on the POD secure server. A Pharmacy wide blaster email will be sent when the database is available.
  2. Contact a member of the PASS Data Management Team (DMT) for instructions to log into the system and instructions on downloading your site report. Please call us at 210-221-8274 and select option 8 for assistance. (DSN) 471- 8274).
  3. Guidance in reviewing the Poly-MART Reports is always available from any member of the DMT. Instructions on accessing the Secure Server for retrieval of your Poly-MART will be e-mailed directly to the requestor.

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