Formulary Information - Extended Core Formulary (ECF)

The Extended Core Formulary (ECF) includes medications in therapeutic classes that are used to support more specialized scopes of practice than those on the Basic Core Formulary (BCF). MTFs may choose whether or not to include an ECF therapeutic class on formulary, based on the clinical needs of its patients. However, if an MTF chooses to have an ECF therapeutic class on formulary, it must have all ECF medications in that class on formulary.

Medications are selected for the ECF because they offer significant clinical or cost-effectiveness advantages to MTFs compared to other medications in a therapeutic class. MTFs should utilize BCF or ECF medications to the greatest extent consistent with the clinical needs of their patients.

The TRICARE Uniform Formulary and national pharmaceutical contracts also affect what medications MTFs are allowed to have on formulary. The following table outlines MTF formulary requirements:

MTFs MUST have on formulary MTFs MAY have on formulary MTFs MUST NOT have on formulary

All BCF medications

All ECF medications if the therapeutic class is on the MTF formulary

Medications that are on the Uniform Formulary, but not on the BCF or ECF

Medications in classes not yet reviewed by the DoD P&T Committee for the Uniform Formulary, unless not allowed by a national pharmaceutical contract

Medications designated as non-formulary under the Uniform Formulary

Medications that are not allowed on MTF formularies due to a national pharmaceutical contract.

The DoD P&T Committee is reviewing therapeutic classes for the UF on a class by class basis. For information on classes to be reviewed at upcoming meetings, please visit the DoD P&T Committee schedule page. The DoD P&T Committee makes recommendations regarding the formulary status of medications on the BCF, ECF, and UF to the Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA). The Director, DHA, makes final decisions after considering comments of the Beneficiary Advisory Panel (BAP).

References: HA policy 04-032, TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit Program Formulary Management, provides additional information about the BCF, ECF, and Uniform Formulary.

    This file is accurate as of 9/25/2014.

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