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The Defense Health Agency Pharmacoeconomic Branch

The current PEC Website will be permanently taken down on 30 June 2015. Please save the following link for this page for future use.

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TRICARE Copay Changes
TRICARE prescription copayments are changing in February, due to section 702 of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. Copayments for generic, brand name and non-formulary drugs through retail are increasing by $3. Copayments for brand name and non-formulary drugs through home delivery are also increasing by $3. Copayments for generic drugs through Home Delivery and all drugs at military pharmacies remain $0. Visit for more information.
DHA Pharmacy Webcast/DCO

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Forum on Compound Medications

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The POD Vision

The Department of Defense (DoD) Pharmacy Operations Division (POD) is a customer oriented Center of Excellence implementing recognized state of the art pharmacoeconomic analysis for the purpose of improving readiness by increasing value, quality, and access to medical care and pharmacotherapy within the available resources of the Military Health System (MHS).

The POD Mission

To improve the clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes of drug therapy in support of the readiness and managed healthcare missions of the MHS.

POD Activities

Pharmacoeconomic Analysis - The POD monitors drug usage and cost trends and performs pharmacoeconomic analyses to support DoD formulary management, national pharmaceutical contracts, and clinical practice guidelines.

DoD Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee Support - The POD provides extensive administrative and technical support for the DoD P&T Committee, which manages the DoD Basic Core Formulary (BCF) and the Mail Order Pharmacy Formulary.

The Pharmacy Analytics Support Section (PASS) - The Pharmacy Analytics Support Section supports users of the Pharmacy Data Transaction Service, a centralized prescription data repository that provides a single, comprehensive patient drug profile for DoD beneficiaries across the Military Health System.

Information Systems - The POD helps in the development and management of information systems that support the provision of drug therapy and evaluation of the pharmacy benefit.

Pharmaceutical Contracts - The POD works with the Defense Logistics Agency & the VA Pharmacy Benefits Management Strategic Health Group and National Acquisition Center to establish national pharmaceutical contracts.

Clinical Practice Guidelines - The POD works with the VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline Workgroup to formulate the drug therapy components of clinical practice guidelines and associated metrics.

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